G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. supplies a broad range of clean-room furnishings Clean Room Furniture to all industries.  We have been doing so since 1999.  Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the most rigid requirements in the industry.  Our quality and service is what sets us apart from the competition.

What Is A Cleanroom?
A work area in which the air quality, temperature and humidity are highly regulated in order to protect sensitive equipment from contamination. Clean rooms are important features in the production of silicon chips, hard disk drives and other technologies such as satellites. The air in a clean room is repeatedly filtered to remove dust particles and other impurities that can damage the production of highly sensitive technologies.

The measure of the air quality of a clean room is described in Federal Standard 209. Clean rooms are rated as "Class 10,000," where there exists no more than 10,000 particles larger than 0.5 microns in any given cubic foot of air; "Class 1000," where there exists no more than 1000 particles; and "Class 100," where there exists no more than 100 particles. Hard disk drive fabrication requires a Class 100 clean room.

People who work in clean rooms must wear special protective clothing called "bunny suits" that do not give off lint particles and prevent human skin and hair particles from entering the room's atmosphere.

Why Choose G2?
If you are looking for the most basic items such as glove or bootie dispensers or even the most technologically advanced piece of equipment G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. manufacture's it.  We are a one stop shop for everything you would need to fill your needs.  Stop dealing with multiple companies and harassing salesman when you can just deal with the best in the industry.

Can't Find What Your Looking For?
If you have search near and far for an item that is industry related, please look no further.  Contact us directly if you do not see what your looking for, we will help you locate the item.  Even if we don't or can't make it!  We are committed to helping our customers in every way.

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