G2 Automated Technologies supplies innovative products to the Semiconductor Industry. Our experienced team of engineers have worked hard to perfect the products we provide. The needs of this industry change rapidly and our flexibility allows us to not only keep pace but to lead the way for technological advancements. Our commitment to quality runs full circle from the moment your inquiry is made until the project is completed to your satisfaction. All departments are single minded in the understanding that what we deliver will exceed your expectations.
The relationship we build with our clients is how G2 Automated Technologies is truly defined. Our Vision Statement says it best: G2 Automated Technologies will be a leading company in which quality, innovation and service will exceed our clients expectations. We will demonstrate uncompromising ethics and appreciation for our clients and employees, respect the environment and serve our community while providing a fair return to our investors. In other words...we will be a WORLD CLASS COMPANY.
G2 Automated Technologies has been manufacturing wafer handling equipment and clean-room furnishings since 1999. We would like to thank our many clients for their continued support. G2 Automated Technologies offers all of the following at our corporate location in Dallas, Texas: Manufacturing, Engineering, Product Design and Development, Training, Sales and Service.

10500 Metric Dr Bldg 122
Dallas, Texas 75243
Toll-Free:  +1 866-6-G2ATEC
Telephone:   +1 972-479-0699
FAX:            +1 972-479-0717


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