G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. wet process tools are designed for the most stringent of manufacturing processes and environments. Each & every tool is specifically engineered to each customers requirements, with the mind set of eliminating impurities and contamination.  Every hood designed and built by G2 features easy access to all plumbing and electrical controls, removable tanks designed for ease of maintenance and replacements.  We offer many different designs and ergonomic profiles that will suit your needs.  The best part of G2 hoods are that we will custom build & design to match your configuration needs.  Our benches are built from materials like white PP/fire rated, and stainless steel.  Each bench comes standard with installation, leveling pads, and casters.

The work surfaces are designed around each stations configuration requirements.  Our benches can be from the most simplistic design to complex in control and functionality.

We will work on or refurbish any of our competitors products and back them up with a better warranty than offered by them.  That's our guarantee!

*  White Stress Relieved Polypropylene
*  Fire Rated 4910 Materials
*  Stainless Steel

PLC controlled operator interface panels
*  Resistivity monitors
*  Nitrogen flowmeters
*  D.I. flowmeters
*  Timers
*  Heaters and pumps
*  Fire suppression systems
*  Nitrogen purged control panels
*  Electrical outlets
*  Fluorescent lighting
*  Loss of nitrogen purge alarm
*  Emergency stop buttons
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Thank you for taking the time to visit the WET PROCESSING section of our website.  In this section you will find a complete listing of our semi-automatic & automatic Wet Processing  products. 

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Need a budgetary quotation?  Please don't hesitate to contact G2.  We have never claimed to be the cheapest, however our tools are the most reliable & accurate tools on the market.  With a warranty like no other.

If there is a system we do not have a video of, we will offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Basically you place a purchase order for the product you feel you need and if it does not do what we say it will do then simply send it back with in the 30 day period for a full refund. 

Please email your request to : sales@g2automatedtechnologies.com

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