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Chemicals & Flammables
Storage Cabinets

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Cabinets for Storage of Chemicals & Flammables in Industrial, Healthcare, Laboratory, and Research Facilities

These products sold by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., are manufactured by a third party with value-add components or features contributed by G2.

Chemicals and flammables cabinets are made with powder coated steel and other materials. They are built for industrial, laboratory, healthcare, pharmaceutical research, warehouse, and other facilities. More information is available for browsing on our RetiRacks™ web site at

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Chemical and flammables storage cabinet solutions feature heavy-duty construction designed for safety and satisfying code compliance. G2 offers a full line of equipment and furniture for a variety of industrial applications.

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Safe and Secure Chemical Storage Available from G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.

These chemical and flammable product cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and styles. These items are designed for any facility requiring safe handling and storage of volatile materials.

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OEM Warranty

These chemical and flammables cabinets include a 10 year warranty against manufacturer defects as provided by the OEM. Any G2 add-on components or features will be supported directly by G2. See our terms and conditions for additional information or contact us today to discuss.

Global Supplier

G2 provides products to customers around the world. Team members are ready to discuss your requirements and export questions. G2 products are relied on by customers for unmatched craftsmanship, long service life, and custom design fulfillment.

Sourced in the USA

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., designs and manufactures our own branded products in our own facility located in Dallas, Texas. G2 sources US-made components and materials whenever applicable and possible. Some of the products in this specific product listing may be sourced in the USA, comprised of some or no USA content, and/or imported.

G2 Product Catalogs

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