Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Carts for Clean Room, Intensive-Use, Medical, and Research Facilities

Custom Carts and Mobility Solutions Since 1999

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, carts feature rugged and robust construction and components – terms not typically associated with cart products. However, we’ve learned over the last 20 years that our carts are used within some of toughest environments with constant use, and unintentional abuse, of equipment. We continuously improve our products as a result of customer feedback and stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime workmanship warranty for every product we build.

Polypropylene or Stainless Steel Construction

Our cart product lines are built in our facility and recognized for robust construction with heavy duty casters, seamless welds, and precision joints. G2 offers an industry-leading warranty for each cart, with engineering, design, manufacturing and support all performed in the USA.

Designed for the Most Demanding Settings

Our storage and transport carts are designed for a lifetime of use. Our heavy-duty construction, unique design features, and high quality components and materials result in the most well-regarded carts in our industry.

One Manufacturer – Many Brands

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, cart product lines are offered under different brand names, as well as the parent organization brand, G2. These brands are typically assigned to an industry focus, product type, or special application and use.

Chemical Carts & Sensitive Electronics Carts

Our RetiRacks™ line of clean room, semiconductor and wafer manufacturing, and industrial carts include polypropylene and stainless steel versions.

Chemically-resistant carts provide safe transport of materials in various formats. Anti-vibration wafer transport and storage carts provide safe transport of sensitive electronics.

G2's RetiRacks logo for linking to our RetiRacks website for clean room, semiconductor, and wafer handling products

G2's KryptoMax logo for linking to our KryptoMax detention, jail, prison, and other intensive-use facility products made in USA with stainless steel

Detention Facility Carts

Our KryptoMax® intensive-use products include detention infirmary carts for safe transport of critical medical items in secure areas and stainless steel kitchen utility carts built to provide a cleaner and stronger alternative to flimsy molded plastic carts.

Industrial Carts

EnduraSteel™ products include stainless steel carts for clean rooms, information technology, and industrial use.

Other mobile products such as stainless steel tables with heavy duty casters are available for storing or transporting heavy or large items in food processing, industrial, warehouse, and other facilities requiring portable table surfaces.

G2's EnduraSteel logo for linking to our EnduraSteel website for stainless steel table products

G2's SterilKleen logo for linking to our SterilKleen website for stainless steel hospital, laboratory, and medical products

Medical Case Carts

G2’s SterilKleen® medical case carts are available in many different configurations to meet hospital, laboratory, medical, pharmaceutical, and research requirements.

Versions are available for storing or transporting medical instruments, computer workstations, surgical supplies, and more.

Workmanship Warranty

We include a limited lifetime workmanship warranty standard with every G2 product we manufacture. See our terms and conditions for additional information or contact us today to discuss.

Global Supplier

G2 provides products to customers around the world. Team members are ready to discuss your requirements and export questions. G2 products are relied on by customers for unmatched craftsmanship, long service life, and custom design fulfillment.

Made in the USA

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., designs and manufactures our branded products in our own facility located in Dallas, Texas. G2 sources US-made components and materials whenever applicable and possible.

G2 Product Catalogs

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