Image of KryptoMax® stainless steel corrections tamper-resistant bolts, concrete anchors, and driver

Tamper-Resistant Hardware and Other Accessories

Tamper-Resistant Hardware and Accessories

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Tamper-Resistant Hardware and Other Accessories

KryptoMax® detention products are manufactured by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.

Our KryptoMax® common area tables, jail furniture, beds, stainless steel equipment, surgical sinks, case carts, prison showers, interview tables, and other correctional environment products are available for browsing on our KryptoMax® web site at

KryptoMax® detention furniture features heavy-duty construction designed for intensive-use with multiple points for floor mounting. G2 offers a full line of prison furniture and detention furniture for a variety of security applications.

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KryptoMax® Tamper-Resistant Hardware and Other Accessories

G2’s KryptoMax detention line of products includes tamper-proof bolts, concrete anchors, and drivers for power tools.

Tamper-proof hardware provides an additional layer of security for intensive-use applications providing resistance to tampering or vandalism.

Many KryptoMax products come standard with tamper-resistant hardware included for secure installation into solid surfaces per your requirements. They can be optionally included on demand at time of quote and purchase if not included standard.

Contact us to discuss your installation needs and apply our 20+ years of experience to find the right solution.

Iamge of various Stainless Steel Tamper-Resistant Button-Head Bolts

Tamper-Resistant Button-Head Bolts

Image of various Tamper-Resistant Concrete Anchors and Bolts with some disassembled

Tamper-Resistant Concrete Anchors

Image of black coated Tamper-Resistant Security Hardware Driver Bit

Tamper-Resistant Security Bit Drivers for Power Tools

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KryptoMax® logo in white

Workmanship Warranty

We include a limited lifetime workmanship warranty standard with every G2 product we manufacture. See our terms and conditions for additional information or contact us today to discuss.

Global Supplier

G2 provides products to customers around the world. Team members are ready to discuss your requirements and export questions. G2 products are relied on by customers for unmatched craftsmanship, long service life, and custom design fulfillment.

Made in the USA

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., designs and manufactures our branded products in our own facility located in Dallas, Texas. G2 sources US-made components and materials whenever applicable and possible.

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