Solutions by Industry

Solutions by Industry

Stainless Steel Solutions and More Since 1999

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., (G2) supplies quality products to a wide variety of industries since 1999. Our experienced team of engineers and sales reps are available to design and quote your projects, typically within a business day.


G2 manufactures cabinets, carts, pass-through consoles, sinks, tables and other solutions using acrylic, HDPE, polypropylene, stainless steel, and UHMWPE for detention, government, healthcare, industrial, laboratory, and research facilities around the world.


G2 provides custom dimensions, designs, and fabrication to many projects at no additional charge, because our products are made in our own facility in Texas. Contact us to discuss your project. We will apply our 20+ years of industry-leading experience to provide the solution you require.


By proudly serving the needs of hospitals, laboratories, medical, surgical, and other facilities, G2 understands the needs of the customers when evaluating stainless steel solutions.

Custom Solutions and Customer Support Are Our Passion

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Acrylic, HDPE, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, UHMWPE Solutions for Your Facility

G2 Product Brands and Websites

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., is the manufacturer of many products for clean rooms, food processing, gowning rooms, hospital, laboratory, medical, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and research facilities.

G2 stands behind everything we sell. The high quality products branded, designed, and manufactured by G2 come with a standard lifetime workmanship warranty.

The following are some of our brand-specific solutions…

EnduraSteelTables and Work Surfaces

Browse our EnduraSteel products site for furnishings and tables manufactured with HDPE, polypropylene, and stainless steel for clean room, hospital, laboratory, manufacturing, operating room, pharmaceutical, and research facilities.

Adjustable height tables, vibration isolation tables, specialized clean room equipment tables, wafer transfer tables, folding perforated stainless steel tables, and more are available for viewing at our EnduraSteel website.

G2 also offers custom stainless steel tables specially designed for your requirements, all made in the USA since 1999.

Every EnduraSteel product can be customized with features, sizes, specialty table tops (e.g. high density polyethylene (HDPE) table tops, perforated stainless steel table tops, stainless steel rod top tables, stainless steel wire mesh tops and shelves, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) table tops, and stainless steel with electropolish finish tops and frames for clean rooms), and more.

Click here or the EnduraSteel logo to learn more about our table options.

G2 Automated Technologies' EnduraSteel logo for linking to EnduraSteel website for G2 stainless steel tables

EnviroPass® Pass-Throughs

Browse G2’s EnviroPass® Pass-Through Transfer Consoles for pass-through products for clean room, hospital, laboratory, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and research facilities.

G2 manufactures pass-through consoles and windows in a variety of materials. Pass-through chamber solutions include transfer consoles such as an acrylic pass-through, polypropylene pass-through, PVC pass-through, stainless steel pass-through, and more.

G2 has manufactured and supplied biologically-safe pass-throughs, fire-resistant/fire-rated pass-throughs, medical pass-throughs, radiation-protective pass-throughs (lead-lined pass-throughs), clean room pass-throughs, and more, all made in the USA since 1999.

Click here or the EnviroPass® logo to learn more about our pass-through products.

G2 Automated Technologies' EnviroPass logo for link to EnviroPass website for stainless steel pass through chambers for specimen pass-thru, clean room pass-thru, and more

GownRite Gowning Room Accessories, In-Wall Cabinets, and Seating

Browse our GownRite products for stainless steel equipment and furnishings for hospital and surgical gowning rooms, industrial clean room facilities, and laboratory prep rooms.

Here you’ll find stainless steel gowning room coat hooks, mirrors, flip-up folding benches, flip-up folding desks, in-wall glove bins, safety and protection storage bins and dispensers, and many more convenient and essential gowning room products.

Click here or the GownRite logo to learn more about our medical and laboratory products.

KryptoMax® Intensive-Use Detention Products

Browse our KryptoMax® products for our full line of stainless steel equipment and furnishings for detention centers, detention infirmaries, jails, prisons, and other security facilities.

These products are built for the most demanding environments and withstand intensive use.

From ADA-compliant interviewing chairs, desks with swivel stools, handcuff bars and rings, to wall-mounted prison benches and cafeteria seating, KryptoMax® is the #1 brand in stainless steel detention solutions.

G2 provides prison bunks, benches with handcuff rings, folding desks, stainless steel adjustable height stools, prison cafeteria tables with 2, 4, 6, or 8 seats, and detention kitchen solutions, and other detention products.

Click here or the KryptoMax® logo to learn more about our intensive-use detention-grade products.

Purchase Lab Coat Hooks & More Online

Browse our stainless steel lab coat hook racks, collapsible anti-ligature hooks, hand cuff rings, and other products we maintain in inventory for immediate purchase.

Here you’ll find one of our most popular gowning room products available for online purchase and quick shipping options. Our stainless steel gowning room laboratory coat hooks are built to withstand continued use, made to not damage lab apparel, and will outlast standard retail hooks. Contact us for large quantity discounts or for custom dimensions, but if you require one, or a few, lab coat hooks, we offer this site for quick immediate purchasing.

G2 also offers few other products through the online store. These are products that typically are purchased in standard sizes or configurations, for example: our stainless steel collapsible safety hooks with our special anti-ligature design that are sold individually for custom installations, our detention industry standard stainless steel handcuff restraint rings made for intensive-use facilities and ready to be installed on concrete, stone, or other solid materials, and tamper-proof concrete anchors for securing items in areas requiring tamper resistant capabilities.

Click here or the Lab Coat Hooks by G2 logo to learn more about our products available for immediate purchase and shipping.

G2's Lab-Coat-Hooks dot com website link logo

RetiRacks Reticle Racks, Reticle/Wafer Storage, and Wafer Handling Products

SterilKleen® Medical and Laboratory Cabinets, Carts, Desks, and Workstations

Browse our SterilKleen® products for stainless steel equipment and furnishings for hospitals, laboratories, medical clinics, research facilities, and surgical centers.

Here you’ll find stainless steel casework such as cabinets, stainless steel desks, and workstations with sinks, stainless steel cabinets such as operating room instrument cabinets and surgical center storage cabinets, medical instrument cabinets, and case carts for transporting laboratory and medical supplies, all made in the USA since 1999.

Click here or the SterilKleen® logo to learn more about our medical and laboratory products.

SurgiKleen® Industrial, Laboratory, Medical, Surgical Sinks and Sink Tables

Browse our SurgiKleen® products for stainless steel sink solutions for hospitals, laboratories, medical clinics, pre-op, research facilities, and surgical centers.

Here you’ll find stainless steel scrub sinks, laboratory sink tables, stainless steel tables with sink embedded in table surface, stainless steel cabinet casework with sink, stainless steel troughs for food processing and washing, polypropylene sinks, and more products for industrial wash and wet processing applications, all made in the USA since 1999.

Other products available through our SurgiKleen® brand: automatic motion sensor faucets, extended-reach pre-rinse washing faucets, knee pedal and foot controls, back splashes, side splash guards, and other industrial sink solutions.

Click here or the SurgiKleen® logo to learn more about our sinks and tables with sinks options.

VersaKleen® Economy Industrial Sinks

Browse our VersaKleen® products for our economy stainless steel equipment and solutions for areas that don’t require the higher end capabilities and features of our SurgiKleen® sink products for hospitals, laboratories, medical clinics, research facilities, and surgical centers.

Here you’ll find stainless steel floor-mount three station sinks, stainless steel floor-mount four station sinks, stainless steel hand wash sinks with soap dispenser, and wall-mounted two or three station sinks.

Other products available through our VersaKleen® brand: specialty faucets and stainless steel plumbing hardware, floor-mounted stainless steel sinks, and wall-mount stainless steel sinks.

Click here or the VersaKleen® logo to learn more about our economy sink products.

G2's VersaKleen logo for linking to our VersaKleen website

G2 Product Catalogs

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