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G2 Automated Technologies products feature rugged & robust construction and components. We’ve learned over the last 20 years that our products are used within some of toughest environments with constant use. We continuously improve our products as a result of customer feedback and stand behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime workmanship warranty for every product we build.

Unique, custom solutions are our specialty. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you with our best recommendations to meet your needs.

Rugged Benches, Cabinets, Carts, Desks, Sinks, Workstations, and More Available to Meet Your Agency’s Needs

Tamper-Resistant Floor and Wall Mounting Solutions Available with Tamper-Proof Anchors

Custom Solutions Are Our Specialty – Special Dimensions, Features, or Capabilities Always Available

G2 EnduraSteel stainless steel two sided customs table with privacy skirt separating the two sides

G2 Products Are Built with Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel; Other Materials & Steel Grades Are Available

Serving All Types of Institutions with Quality Made in the USA Since 1999

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Example Products for Government Agencies, Departments, and Facilities

Images of yellow steel cabinets for chemical and fuel storage

Designed for the Most Demanding Settings

G2 Automated Technologies branded products are designed and built for a life time of use.

Research and spend once to get decades of service out of quality products made in the USA by G2.

The alternative to our solutions is to replace the same equipment over and over due to inferior craftsmanship, design, materials, and welds. That alternative ultimately results in wasted budgets, expense, and time on inferior products – even worse, risking potential safety hazards of broken metal equipment or furniture.

Our heavy-duty construction, unique design features, and high quality components and materials result in the most well-regarded solutions in our industry.

One Manufacturer – Many Brands

Our product lines are offered under different brand names, as well as the parent organization brand, G2. These brands are typically assigned to an industry focus, product type, or special application and use.

Stainless Steel Tables for Education, Government, Industrial, Medical, and Research Use

EnduraSteel™ is G2’s main table product line. EnduraSteel™ tables are designed and made in the USA since 1999. Versions and models are available to meet your specifications.

Our table products include stainless steel adjustable height lift tables with electric and manual lift options, clean room tables, folding or flip-up tables, lab tables, healthcare tables, two post tables, four post tables, perforated top tables for laminar flow, economical powder coated tables, restaurant tables, rod top tables for laminar flow, stainless table frames, stainless steel dining table tops, HDPE table tops, UHMW table tops, and portable stainless steel tables with heavy duty casters.

G2's EnduraSteel logo for linking to our EnduraSteel website for stainless steel table products

G2's EnviroPass logo for linking to our EnviroPass website for clean room and laboratory pass through chambers

Pass-Through Chambers for Clean Room, Healthcare, Laboratory, and Other Critical Environments

G2’s EnviroPass® pass-through cabinets are available in several standard styles and can be customized to meet your requirements. Versions are avilable in acrylic, polypropylene, PVC, and stainless steel.

Our EnviroPass® series of pass through solutions include: biologically safe pass thru, clean room pass-thru, fire rated pass thru, ventilated pass thru with negative pressure fan filter unit with HEPA filter, and more.

Clean Room and Gowning Room Solutions for Dispensing, Gowning, and Storing

GownRite™ is G2’s clean room and gowning product line of in-wall cabinets, PPE dispensers, gowning benches, and more. GownRite™ products are designed and made in the USA since 1999. Versions and models are available to meet your specifications.

Our gowning room products include: stainless steel folding flip-up gowning benches, stainless steel wall-mounted folding fold-up-flip-up desks & work surfaces, stainless steel rod-top gowning benches, electropolished stainless steel step ladders for clean room use, clean room in-wall stainless steel waste bins for used PPE, stainless steel gowning and safety items (PPE) dispensers, and hair & beard cover dispenser with waste bins.

G2's GownRite logo for linking to our GownRite website for stainless steel clean room and gowning room iin-wall cabinets, gowning room furniture, and more

G2's KryptoMax logo for linking to our KryptoMax detention, jail, prison, and other intensive-use facility products made in USA with stainless steel

Stainless Steel Products for Intensive-Use Environments

G2’s KryptoMax® intensive-use products are designed and built with safety and security in mind with full seam welds, rounded corners, and tamper-resistant construction.

Our KryptoMax® series intensive-use stainless steel products include two seat round recreation tables, four seat dining tables, six seat detention cafeteria tables, eight seat dining tables, detention processing tables, interview tables, inmate intake tables, wall-mounted cell desks, stainless steel flip-up-folding wall desks, detention desks with integrated swivel stools, and more.

Stainless Steel Lab Coat Hook Racks and More Stainless Steel Products Available for Online Purchase

G2’s line of specialized products are typically built-to-order per customer specifications. However, some items are so commonly requested that we maintain an inventory of these items for online purchase. Our webs site provides a 24 hour resource for purchasing stainless steel lab coat hooks, collapsing coat hooks for secure areas requiring anti-ligature features, tamper-resistant mounting bolts, and other items available for quick shipping.

Our stainless steel wall-mounted lab coat hooks are commonly deployed in clean room, laboratory, medical, semiconductor & wafer manufacturing, and industrial facilities.

G2's Lab-Coat-Hooks dot com website link logo

G2's RetiRacks logo for linking to our RetiRacks website for clean room, semiconductor, and wafer handling products

Products for Sensitive Electronic and Optical Components

G2’s RetiRacks™ line of specialized products are typically deployed in clean room, semiconductor & wafer manufacturing, and industrial facilities.

Examples include chemicals & flammables storage cabinets, chemical transport carts, electropolished adjustable height lift tables, anti-vibration tables (vibration-isolating) tables for sensitive electronics, perforated top tables, and more.

Stainless Steel Laboratory and Medical Products for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Research, Surgical Centers, and More

G2’s SterilKleen® product line is comprised of stainless steel case carts, cabinets, casework, desks, gowning room equipment, scrub sinks, tables and more for healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceutical research, and surgery centers.

Examples include stainless steel surgical distribution carts, lightweight open surgical case carts, tote box surgical carts for distributing, storing, and transporting medical supplies, stainless steel laboratory cabinets with integrated sink and plumbing hardware, stainless steel laboratory supply storage cabinets, and more.

G2's SterilKleen logo for linking to our SterilKleen website for stainless steel hospital, laboratory, and medical products

G2's SurgiKleen logo for linking to our SurgiKleen website for stainless steel sink products

Stainless Steel Products with Integrated Sinks

G2’s SurgiKleen® line of stainless steel sinks, and products with embedded sinks, offer many features and functions for industrial, laboratory, and research use. High quality construction, components, and features create one of the most reliable sink solutions available. Options include upper and under shelves, one or more sinks, stainless steel plumbing hardware, and pull-out storage drawers.

SurgiKleen® sink tables include laboratory sink tables with a extra deep sink, freestanding sink tables, L-shaped laboratory sink tables, U-shaped tables with sinks, lab sink tables with 3 or more sinks, surgical scrub sinks, wall-mounted lab sink tables, sink tables with storage, and more.

Economy Stainless Steel Sinks

G2’s VersaKleen® line of sinks are economy versions that do not offer the custom sizing, rugged construction, higher-end features, and life time warranty of G2’s other sink products lines (SurgiKleen®, SterilKleen®, etc.). These products are excellent for classrooms, restaurants, warehouses, industrial garages, and other settings that do not require intensive-use capabilities or advanced features.

Examples include light duty stainless steel floor mount sinks with foot pedal controls, stainless steel wall mount sinks, and more.

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Workmanship Warranty

We include a limited lifetime workmanship warranty standard with every G2 product we manufacture. See our terms and conditions for additional information or contact us today to discuss.

Global Supplier

G2 provides products to customers around the world. Team members are ready to discuss your requirements and export questions. G2 products are relied on by customers for unmatched craftsmanship, long service life, and custom design fulfillment.

Made in the USA

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., designs and manufactures our branded products in our own facility located in Dallas, Texas. G2 sources US-made components and materials whenever applicable and possible.

G2 Product Catalogs

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