Intensive-Use Tables

Intensive-Use Tables

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Detention Desk and Table Products

KryptoMax® detention products are manufactured by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.

Our KryptoMax® common area tables, jail desks, stainless steel equipment, interview tables, and other correctional environment table products are available for browsing on our KryptoMax® web site at

KryptoMax® detention furniture features heavy-duty construction designed for intensive-use with multiple points for floor mounting. G2 offers a full line of prison furniture and detention furniture for a variety of security applications.

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KryptoMax® Intensive-Use Desks and Tables by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.

G2’s KryptoMax detention line of products includes stainless steel desk and table products. These desks and tables are designed for jails, prisons, government buildings, detention centers, correctional institutions and other secure facilities. Our tables are made using gas tungsten arc welded (GTAW/TIG) heavy gauge stainless steel with heavy duty construction designed for intensive-use. Our stainless steel products include a clean, number 4 brushed finish standard for easy cleaning, unless otherwise specified, and, where applicable, heavy duty hardware for strength and quality.

The mounted versions of our intensive-use table products include welded stainless steel mounts for secure attachment to floors, walls, or other surfaces. These stainless steel products outperform plastic and mild steel desks and tables that have easily damaged painted surfaces or a short life cycle not suitable for detention settings. All edges are ground smooth for safety.

KryptoMax table products are available with accessories, custom dimensions, and features. Examples include ADA-compliant version, handcuff rings, handcuff bars, adjustable heights, tamper-proof installation hardware, wall-mount versions and more. Let us know your requirements and our experts will provide a professional quote and renderings quickly for your review.

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Detention Desk with Swivel Stool shown from front with stool positioned outward

KryptoMax® Detention Desk with Integrated Swivel Stool

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Fold-Up Wall Desk view of front edge and desk top

KryptoMax® Flip-Up Detention Desk

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Folding Wall Desk with optional spill lips shown folded down and ready for use

KryptoMax® Folding/Stowing Wall Desk

KryptoMax® Corner Desk with Two Restraint Rings viewed from corner of the desk

KryptoMax® Corner-Mounted Detention Desk

View of the KryptoMax® Custom Stainless Steel Floor and Wall-Mounted Intensive-Use Desk with Restraint Ring shown from right side

KryptoMax® Floor and Wall-Mounted Detention Desk

KryptoMax® Wall Mount Stainless Steel Desk viewed from front

KryptoMax® Wall-Mounted Detention Desk

KryptoMax® 10 seat stainless steel rectangular table for intensive use (Part: KM-SPT-10REC) main view

KryptoMax® 10-Seat Table

Side view of the KryptoMax® stainless steel 2 seat detention table with round top and stools

KryptoMax® 2 Person Round Table

KryptoMax® 4 seat table prison table shown from side with black powder coated table legs and floor mount, stainless steel stool and table tops

KryptoMax® 4 Person Round Table

KryptoMax® 4 Person Square Table with Square Stool Tops

KryptoMax® Folding Seat 6 Person Stainless Steel Table pictured with middle stools folded in and rest deployed ready for use - ideal for social distancing

KryptoMax® 6 Person Rectangular Table with Folding Stools

KryptoMax® 6 seat stainless steel rectangular table for intensive use (Part: KM-SPT-6REC) main view

KryptoMax® 6 Person Rectangular Table

KryptoMax® 6 seat stainless steel rectangular table with square stool tops for intensive use shown from end at angled view

KryptoMax® 6 Person Rectangular Table with Square Stool Tops

KryptoMax® 6 seat stainless steel round table version with mild steel, gray powdercoated pedestals

KryptoMax® 6 Person Round Table

KryptoMax® 8 person ADA-compliant stainless steel table showing view of wheelchair access at end of table

KryptoMax® 8 Person Rectangular Table with Wheelchair-Accessible Position

KryptoMax® 8 seat stainless steel rectangular table for intensive use (Part: KM-SPT-8REC) main view

KryptoMax® 8 Person Rectangular Table

KryptoMax® eight seat round detention table main view from end and top

KryptoMax® 8 Person Round Table

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Bolt-to-Floor Intake Table product image

KryptoMax® Bolt-to-Floor Intake Table

Front view of the KryptoMax® stainless steel 48 inch customs immigration processing table

KryptoMax® Border and Customs Processing Station

KryptoMax® stainless steel customs immigration workstation with embedded monitor stand and keyboard tray shown with example computer set up and monitor displaying text underneath the plexiglass inset into table surface

KryptoMax® Customs Processing Workstation

Image of KryptoMax® Custom Stainless Steel Reception Area Desks and Cabinets with L-shaped configuration with printer stand and large cabinet

KryptoMax® Custom Desks and Workstations

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Interview Table with handcuff rings and bolt-to-floor mounts shown from front of table

KryptoMax® Interviewing Table with Handcuff Rings

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Interview Table with kick guard panel and bolt-to-floor mounts main product image

KryptoMax® Interviewing Table with Kickguard Panel

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep Table main product image

KryptoMax® Standard Stainless Steel Table

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Detention Laundry Table main image showing table, floor mount brackets, and laundry sorting rack

KryptoMax® Laundry Sorting Table

KryptoMax® Stainless Steel Processing Table shown from left side at an angle with both drawers closed

KryptoMax® Processing Table with Drawers and Shelf

Workmanship Warranty

We include a limited lifetime workmanship warranty standard with every G2 product we manufacture. See our terms and conditions for additional information or contact us today to discuss.

Global Supplier

G2 provides products to customers around the world. Team members are ready to discuss your requirements and export questions. G2 products are relied on by customers for unmatched craftsmanship, long service life, and custom design fulfillment.

Made in the USA

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC., designs and manufactures our branded products in our own facility located in Dallas, Texas. G2 sources US-made components and materials whenever applicable and possible.

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